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B I G U P D A T E ! ! !

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Roadmap Phase One

Chill Frogs is a generative NFT project featuring cute lil’ frogs who are as expressive as they are stylish.

There are over 700,000 different combinations to find! Join our community where we are hosting daily giveaways until minting starts, heaps of behind the scenes action, and all your questions answered.

unique frogs
  • When does minting begin?

    Minting will start Monday the 23rd at 5PM UTC

  • How many Chill Frogs will be minted?

    There are a total of 6,000 Chill Frogs to be minted

  • How much do they cost to mint?

    Chill Frogs will only cost a flat 0.045Ξ + gas to mint

  • Is there a limit on how many Chill Frogs I can mint?

    There is a limit of 10 Chill Frogs per transaction (TBC)

  • When is the reveal?

    Chill Frogs will be revealed when all 6000 Frogs are minted

With over 700,000 different combinations that can be generated, the question comes up regarding rarity. Is my Chill Frog rare? How can I tell? Well on top of each individual item's rarity, we used a simple system to navigate around your Chill Frog's overall rarity indicated by the background colour. The algorithm will generate between 0-10 sets as well, making matching traits very rare!



Australian artist and producer. Started playing around with alts in 2016 and have jumped back in at full force in 2020 when I realised I can fuse my passion for creativity with crypto - and share it with people from around the world.


Italian developer powered by spaghetti and pizza. Work full time as a back-end developer. On the side, trading crypto since 2017 and helping build contracts for a close network of experienced traders and teams.

spaghetti dev

Former web app developer, quit in 2020 to pursue building in defi. Transitioning into NFTs has been as smooth as butter for me as I grew up in a family of photographers and artists. Keen to be apart of Chill Frogs and excited for what's to come!


Started my journey collecting Pokemon and Magic the Gathering cards when I was a kid and now I’m here trading digital pixels. Just chilling here with you all and hoping we can build a great and fun community!


Roadmap Unlocks

10% Open the secret Frog Citadel in discord for all Chill Frog holders - inside we will be hosting a random airdrop of 10 Chill Frogs to the holders of the first 600 frogs.

25% Very special give-away for Chill Frog holders - details to come. You won't want to miss this one!

50% Partnerships and collaborations with other NFT communities. We have reached out to other projects and will look to expand and combine our universes.

75% Limited merch drops with items featuring your personal Chill Frog. We are very excited to set up a store for the community and get your Chill Frogs out to the physical world!

100% Chill Frogs revealed & the first official Frog-Off! Go head to head with other Chill Frogs and the community will decide who will be crowned the Chillest Frog. There are prizes to be won as well! Rarity helps but it will purely be the community's subjective taste for who wins.